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  • Janice Newland

    So cool, just had my eyes checked and I was right, my vision has improved. Now just have to pick out new frames since I need new distance, computer and sunglasses. Nice problem to have. Loving my XALO Ageless effects, this is just one more positive impact. Thank you, Gordon Morton, Kent Wood, Joe Morton, Aaron Garrity, Gary Hollister and my dear friend Beterly Hollister.  So glad to be turning back the clock and getting younger each day.



    Sharon Thiel Another confirmation! Thanks,Janice! I had to have my scrips for both near and far changed after just 3 months on Ageless My eye doctor was amazed!



    Val Andrews Janet, I have the same “problem”! No longer can wear my bifocals. Wore them for the past 20 years, and now no longer need them.




  • Michélle E. Strydom (Cronjé)

    Has anyone else had a similar experience? Since drinking XALO Ageless, I noticed being able to tolerate more sun exposure. Before, I couldn’t stand even 10 minutes of ‘tanning’, as I would experience a severe reaction to sun exposure. (Itching and burning, my skin lifting in small ‘bubbles’ and peeling right after.) Since drinking Ageless every evening over the last 4 months, apart from the weight loss and toning everyone has reported, as well as better sleep, I’m also now able to ‘tan’ like I used to for the first time in years. How odd is that?

    Michélle E. Strydom

  • Daniel Flemming

    I posted before but have another update. The first week or to on XALO Ageless I had some low blood sugar moments. Later that didn’t happen and the last three weeks or so my blood sugar seemed to be getting more and more stable. Yesterday I was shopping about 3:00pm and realized I was kind of hungry. Then I realized I had not eaten yet that day! I was just hungry, not low blood sugar feeling. That is a dramatic difference for me. I normally would be spacy and somewhat sick feeling if I had find that long without eating. I think my adrenals are getting stronger and more normal. The two primary signs of adrenal problems are unstable blood sugar and joint issues. My joints feel remarkably better and now my blood sugar seems to have stabilized. I have felt so good this last week. Stronger, lighter, younger than I have felt in years and more clarity than I ever remember feeling.
    Daniel Flemming

  • Eva Barela

    Hello Xalo World!
    Here is an update on what Xalo Ageless benefits I have received. You see in 1989 I lost the feeling in my fingers and hands. This was due to neuropathy. I have 3 herniated disks in my neck. I also had lost the use of my hands. My Mother, asked me “What do you want to do?” I loved this about my Mom. She always gave you the choice. I said “I want to use my hands!” So after many months I had accomplished hand-eye coordination to accomplish movement! But the feeling in my fingers and hands was still not there! It was okay….till I started the Ageless! First it was gradual. Not even really noticeable. Then, one morning I was able to feel the softness of my skin on my face! I was so overwhelmed I began to cry. Then I realized for the first time since 1989 I was able to feel the wetness of my tears and the warmth as they fell from my eyes. I was not expecting this benefit. Since then I felt my tears when I got my first paper cut since the feeling returned, and when I was trying to flip a whole grain tortilla on the griddle! So you see I am having to learn something new that some take for granted. Do I Believe In Miracles? I Believe This Was A Miracle…Because the Doctors told me I would never get the feeling back in my fingers or hands!

    Eva Barela

  • Niki Davis

    I have a Xango Reserve story to share. In November, 2013 I introduced my friend, Laura, to Xango Reserve, which gives her relief from arthritis. Her recent messages are a reminder of the benefit for our immune systems, during cold and flu season:

    January 11, 2014: Hi Niki, I’m one happy camper. The Xango Reserve has saved me from following in Larry’s footsteps with the same respiratory bug. Sunday morning my lungs were burning a bit. Started coughing and feeling poorly. Took 9 ounces of juice, 3 ounces at a time, took a good nap in the afternoon….. That’s it. End of story in the bug world. Thank you so much!!!! Hugs, Laura
    January 11, 2014: Hi Niki, Just had to touch base again and thank you so much for introducing me to mangosteen. Never has my immune system been as strong as it is right now. I’ve been around co-workers who have still come to work even though they have influenza A and B plus running fevers! Of course Larry had a bug. With tripling the Xango Reserve for a few days I have not succumbed. Also not quite sure how the week without anti-inflammatories would have been without the added boost from the Xango Reserve. Thank you so much!! Hugs, Laura

    Niki Davis

  • Sharon Thiel

    My Xango juice regimen has always kept my fibromyalgia in check ever since I began drinking3 to 4 ounces per day of it in 2005, but I have been delighted to discover that I need only one to two ounces of Xango per day to stay pain free now that I am taking the Ageless! I believe it has made me more flexible somehow, as well, for I have to expend far less effort getting in and out of cars and soft furniture than I sometimes have in the past! I just do it without thinking about it now

    Sharon Thiel

  • Phil Fust

    Hello Xalo Nation, early Sept. I was diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma a fancy name for my second and third toes were being pulled to closely together. This pinched a nerve that was painful and caused a burning feeling while standing. The plan was to operate after Convention. I didn’t like the idea of limping around Salt Lake. The great news,thank you Xalo/Ageless, 50 days or so – no pain,no need for surgery. This is simply a better way!!

    Phil Fust

  • Cecilia Beardsley

    If you are someone that can sit for long period of time comfortably doing things like traveling, watching a movie or game, working at your desk, or sleeping comfortably on your side you are very fortunate. If you can run, walk or exercise without feeling pain in your hips, I consider you very fortunate.

    For about 3 years I was having moderate sciatic nerve pain on my left buttock that went down my back thigh. I only felt pain when I sat down, then having to stand up and do something else. Then in early spring of 2013, the sciatic pain was getting a bit worse. On top of that I started to develop a terrible pain in my left hip. After a chiropractor consultation I was told the sciatic pain and hip pain may be caused by a misalignment on my lower spine. The inflammation was kept under control, and I have to say it is thanks to the mangosteen juice supplement by XANGO, that my family and I have been consuming since 2008.

    By June, I still felt pain and I decided to slow down some of my activities like working, gardening and exercising (I was doing the FAVAO workouts and I got great results by the way, although I wasn’t really overweight, but that’s a totally different story). After that, the pain didn’t get worse. Thank goodness!

    Then in October, I learned that XANGO was about to launch its new supplement; XALO Ageless with anti-aging benefits. I didn’t want to wait to give it a try, so I took action. The cell rejuvenation and regeneration concept really excited me, along with the cardiovascular support benefits since cardiovascular disease exists in my family.

    Now, I have to admit that my main thought was to consume XALO Ageless for nutritional purposes and it could be good for my husband who is older than me. To my absolute surprise the sciatic pain had disappeared on the first day I had XALO Ageless. I was in disbelief! The hip pain was still bothering me a bit though, I went to bed with pain and every morning I woke up with pain shooting through my left hip. On the exact third week drinking XALO Ageless, I woke up expecting to feel pain any moment, I waited and waited but nothing. The pain was gone! I jumped out of bed with joy. I didn’t expect to experience this. I was stoked!

    I also noticed a couple of other things so far, I was always a good sleeper despite the discomfort of the pain, now my sleep got even better. And the rough skin on the palm of my hands is getting softer.

    I waited one year to try the mangosteen supplement after my friend suggested to me, and I regretted that. I waited yet another year to try FAVAO, and I regret it too. I learned my lesson, I didn’t want to wait to give XALO Ageless a try, because XANGO makes the best products. As my husband puts it, “It’s the best money we’ve ever spent.” I’d like to add “It’s the best money we can invest in our health.”

    Thanks to the amazing ingredients that XALO Ageless has I am feeling very fortunate now. I hope my story can help someone to be able to feel good as I do. Thank you XANGO for bringing us XALO Ageless!!
    And by the way, I am 45 years old.

    Cecilia Beardsley

  • Sharon Thiel

    “My vision improved both for distance and for reading after only three months on Ageless! Had to change my prescriptions AND my Dr. informed me I was correct about my “floaters” being gone, because she could not see any in the viscous fluid either! She also said that I show no signs of even the slightest hint of cataracts, have no signs of macular degeneration issues, not to mention my pressure is perfect (so no signs of glaucoma)! As if this were not enough, I got my annual bloodwork back this week and even though I always have good numbers since I’ve been on Xango, these are the first since Ageless for three months, and they are the absolute best ever – nearly perfect in every way you could ask! God bless Xango and Xalo Ageless, that’s all I can say!”

    Sharon Thiel

  • Daniel Flemming

    I am going to share what has become a never ending story of changes I have seen on XALO Ageless.
    THREE WEEKS: Three weeks ago I started on a new product called “Ageless”. A friend insisted I try it because of the results they were getting. They were recovering from two brain injuries and had done a huge amount of work to get their brain working well enough to work again. But work frankly wiped them out. On the XALO “ageless” they suddenly could “cope” and did not get wiped out. I was intrigued and hoped …it would help me some too.
    Oh boy – did it ever!
    Within a few hours my brain clarity increased hugely. I had no idea how much brain fog I was in until it was gone. The next day I felt foggy again so I took another packet, within minutes the clarity returned. Then I noticed that I no longer felt overwhelmed and paralyzed by everything I had to do. I was able to prioritize, work on the most important and not obsess over the rest for now. This was unprecedented! I had never been able to do that very well and especially not the last few years since I had a brain injury from head trauma in an auto accident. I got very excited by this especially as it continues and has actually gotten better day by day. Before it felt like my brain just didn’t have enough of “something” and I very easily got “fried” when I worked on difficult projects. Now I didn’t! That all by itself is HUGE! It’s a game changer for me.

    About 10 days after starting the product I was at an event and noticed the applause was bothering my ears. After a period of being a little annoyed at this I realized my ears were also tingling slightly. Suddenly I realized that my hearing was regenerating! I have not had to ask people to repeat themselves nearly as much since then. Amazing! The next night of the same event I started being bothered by the amount of aftershave and perfume people were wearing. Then OH! My sense of smell is regenerating! (didn’t realize it had diminished). Then the following morning I noticed my sight was quite improved and I have not needed reading glasses hardly at all the last week or so. About five days ago I noticed several areas of my body were buzzing and tingling. Without the recent experience with my hearing, I would have been concerned but I assumed more regeneration was occurring. Sure enough, I feel taller, my joints and walking motion feel smoother, I have more interest in and sensation and function sexually. In a nutshell, I feel markedly younger. Oh, and my clothes are looser! People have remarked that I look better and say they think I have lost weight. This is all in 3 WEEKS! To put it very mildly – I am excited!
    As a doctor I am a little reluctant to use the word “regeneration” so freely. Maybe that isn’t what is happening physiologically, but I can attest that is certainly what it FEELS like to me and THAT is significant no matter what. I feel younger and my brain is working even BETTER then when I was young. This is very emotional for me. I feel like I can conquer the world.

    1 MONTH: I am going to add to this. I now have been on the ageless a little over a month. Shortly after I wrote the story above, I noticed that the muscles in my arms feel stronger and more toned. I have not been working out, the results for Ageless are supposed be noticeably more muscle mass within 2-4 weeks. I was about 3 1/2 weeks when I noticed MORE MUSCLE MASS. I have also felt taller and the last few days I have had to tilt my car seat back a little because I am too tall for it. I actually AM taller. Probably my spinal discs are rehydrating which will increase height. My joints feel smoother when I move and I am getting up easier from sitting. I just feel like doing stuff and I go longer during the day without fatigue. I actually did get pretty tired by the end of last week but then I realized that I’m getting about 4 times as much stuff done as usual. No wonder, not used to that. The last few years I am always tired and just “done” by the end of the day. That’s not true now.
    I have had three women friends who have been on the Ageless for as little as a week remark at how much softer and moister their skin feels and that just keeps improving. Some have noticed less wrinkles. In women in my age group that’s a big deal. I have even noticed that my skin feels softer and more youthful too and it must be significantly different as I never notice skin stuff one way or another (unless I’m peeling from a sunburn maybe). Actually every single woman on Ageless that I have talked to notices improved skin.
    Again, the biggest gain for me is the mental clarity, calmness and mental stamina. I can plan stuff and follow through with it. I still have too much on my plate to get it all done, but I can work steadily at it now instead of being overwhelmed.

    4 1/2 WEEKS: Okay, noticed something else. I am enunciating more clearly. I noticed that when trying to speak very clearly such as giving an address over the phone or someone that doesn’t hear as well, it is much easier to enunciate well and my voice feels stronger and more resonant as well! A clear resonant voice is one of the changes I sometimes see in a patient during an adjustment. Sometimes their voice will suddenly sound better. Higher, scratchier voice is associated with tension and or OLD. So basically my voice sounds younger!

    5 WEEKS: I bought a belt a couple of months ago and it was apparently mislabeled as it was a couple inches short of being usable when I got it home. After six weeks on ageless I decided to try again as my pants were so much looser. The belt fits now so I have lost significant size around the waist. Haven’t checked weight. Inches is a better indicator anyway as the Ageless builds muscle mass. Muscle tissue weighs three times what fat does so a little extra muscle is heavy.

    6 1/2 WEEKS: At almost seven weeks I am noticing that my voice feels more resonant and younger pretty much all the time instead of intermittently. I now have had about ten people remark that my face looks different, better younger, especially around the eyes. Just had a patient who has been on Ageless for three weeks tell me the irises of her eyes are much clearer, first one cleared, then the other over a few days. So, maybe that’s part of what people are seeing in my eyes. Personally I have noticed that everyone I have seen on Ageless seems to have brighter, clearer eyes than I am used to seeing in them. As another person observed, I feel more coordinated in movement and I still seem to enunciate more clearly. I do go through periodic detox days and on those days I feel older, more achy, brain fog, more overwhelmed, can’t see as well without reading glasses. Then the next day or later the same day I feel great again. I makes me realize just how far I have come when I get the old symptoms back for a few hours. I would never have thought that so much of what I thought was “stress” was actually brain and aging. My grandkids also told me I am hearing better and enunciating better. They told that I used to slur some words and now I’m not! I felt good again today and I was joking and teasing and at ease with the group I was with as well as our waiter at the restaurant. This more outgoing, less shy has been a part of the Ageless result from the beginning and I have noticed it in others as well. When I was having a detox day yesterday, the shyness also came back for a few hours. Very interesting!

    Daniel Flemming


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